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More than a patient tracking software

Macrodental, the most comprehensive Patient management software specially designed for dental clinics and dentists, offers the best patient tracking solution to dentists with its simple and practical to use.

 Macrodental patient management software offers to you;

  • Patient management, screening, management of accounting procedures,
  • To exhibit a corporate attitude to the patient with the registration, planning, treatment and payment processes,
  • Stop mess in your clinic with cloud supported appointment book,
  • Calculation of doctor bounties with just one click,
  • Check the performance of the clinic and doctors via graphs,
  • Reduce the workload of your staff with the automatically remainder screens, available for appointments, birthdays and special day,
  • Simplify the debit and credit balance transactions of patients, medical companies and laboratories,
  • Immediately access to appointment and patient information with our mobile applications,
  • Stop the data loss problem with cloud and backup technology,
  • and more importantly, working with a solution partner that you can contact and receive consultancy in every problem.

  • First 3D Tooth Screen in the World
  • Bounty Calculation with Just One Click
  • Screens for Contracted Institutions
  • Cloud Supported Appointment Book
  • Stock and Inventory Screens
  • Doctor & Clinic Performance
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Stock Cost Reports
  • User Authorization

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