New Generation Patient Record Screen

Macrodental Patient Tracking Software offers users an effective dental clinical software solution with its simple use, fast access and user-friendly interface.

Cloud Supported Appointment Book

You can track your patient appointments effectively with the easy appointment feature, you can make appointments for your patients by phone using the fast patient record feature; you can process your current, pending or canceled appointments with a single click.

Sending SMS & E-mail

MacroDental SMS and e-mail module has been designed to reduce your workload and with this module you can;

  • Remind upcoming appointments,
  • Remind upcoming check time,
  • And remind special days such as New Year and birthdays.

Reporting & Performance Reports

With advanced reporting and analysis screens, you can measure the efficiency of your dental clinic and dentists, and you can maximize efficiency of your clinic according to the results of these analyzes.

Stock & Inventory Tracking Screens

It is known that monitoring dental stocks in dental clinics can be a difficult workload. With the Inventory Tracking Module, you can organize your purchases and adjust the consumption on the basis of doctors and staff.

Pre-Accountancy Screens

Macrodental pre-accountancy screens developed in accordance with the pre-accounting codes and provides you to perform your balance, bank, POS and cheque tracking; you can make end-of-day balance transfers, and you can make company balancing processes on the system quickly.

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