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Macrodental Version (07.01.2019)

  1. a) Online Service Form has been added.
  2. b) Visual icons have been changed.

Macrodental Version (26.11.2018)

  1. a) Filtering the “0” valued inventory option, has been added.

(While updating the users using versions later than, not need to perform a backup/restore process, if you click the Table Correction button on the Settings screen after installing the new exe.)

Macrodental Version (05.10.2018)

  1. a) Databases are revised from the beginning. System performance was become perfect.
  2. b) Seeing a patient of another branch was authorized for branched clinics.
  3. c) Patient filter was added to Doctor Treatment & Payment based reports.
  4. d) Pre Accountancy screens were redesigned.

Macrodental Version (01.09.2018)

  1. a) Gender was made mandatory.
  2. b) Templates for reports were redesigned.

Macrodental Version (04.06.2018)

  1. a) Doctor treatment based promotion system was added.
  2. b) Filters of the laboratory reports were updated.

Macrodental Version (22.04.2018)

  1. a) Some updates were performed about the end of the day.
  2. b) Anamnesis template was added.

Macrodental Version (11.04.2018)

  1. a) Tooth number was added to patient receipt.
  2. b) Doctor filter in the patient operation payment comparison report was re-arranged.
  3. c) The subject of appointment book for “The patient is here” notification was added.
  4. d) The active plan and treatment is appearing directly when the patient treatment page is opened.

Macrodental Version (01.04.2018)

  1. a) Discount rate for staff was defined.
  2. b) The automatic close of the reminder screen feature was added. Setting are available for the appointment report screens.
  3. c) The patient is here screen is now appearing even on the sub-tab.
  4. d) Time period was added to TSIM reports.

Macrodental Version (01.01.2018)

Compatible with version

  • 3D Treatment Screen
  • Bounty Calculation with Just One Click
  • Screens for Contracted Institutions
  • Bulut Destekli Randevu Defteri
  • Stok & Demirbaş Ekranları
  • Doktor & Klinik Performans
  • Otomatik Bulut Yedekleme
  • Stok Maliyet Raporları
  • Kullanıcı Yetkilendirme

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